Thursday, October 10, 2019

How's your October? I've got a new Mug!

I've had sort of a bumpy fall, for no good reason - just have been in a holding pattern for a few weeks now, able to make myself do the tasks necessary to keep the lights on & the pets fed but not much more than that. You may have noticed the dearth of posts! Recently I've been overwhelmed trying to do even stuff like respond to emails or [shudder] phone calls. Could be upset over events in the national arena, could be the leading edge of a depressive episode - I'm not sure. Depression is something I struggle with periodically, as regular readers know.

I received a little boost on Tuesday, though, when I unloaded a really great firing! While soda usually generates more seconds than your standard stoneware firing, only two out of maybe 60 pots were unacceptable from this firing. I was pleased by the even-but-not-too-even soda distribution - just uneven enough to create a handsome directional effect, just a little silver kiss, on most of the ware.

We (that's the royal "we!") have a little tradition here at Fine Mess Pottery: we (snicker! 😉) choose one mug from the lot, and use it for a few weeks, until the next firing, after which we wash it well & stick a price tag on it! I find it helps me identify the functional strengths & weaknesses on my work...and it's fun. If you ever start making pots that you are not drawn to use, change it up. You aren't making good pots.

Sometimes it only takes a little boost to break a down spiral. Here's hoping! I am pedaling my FitDesk right now (exercise has been shown to be helpful in staving off depression!), using my temporary new mug, and planning my day.

Hope your October is going well.


Barbara Rogers said...

Good for you working to stave off's a sneaky little devil! That mug certainly should help...bright and cheerful it is! I'm already thinking of things to do to keep from having another holiday depression in December again.

Lori Watts said...

Depression sucks. I've heard the holidays are hard for a lot of people! For me it's more the less daylight & less time outdoors...I do find the FitDesk helps. I hope you find some things that will help you, too. XO L

Michèle Hastings said...

That's a sweet mug! Glad you will get to enjoy it for awhile... or maybe forever. I hope the fog of depression stays away for you.

Lori Watts said...

Me too! Thanks for the kind words. Honestly, it helps!

Jahirsharif said...
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