Sunday, August 14, 2016

All Down at 4

It was an unusually fast firing today - body reduction by 9:30 am, everybody down by 4 pm. This might be because I did a very thorough clearing out of the burner channels, or perhaps because this firing was stacked rather loosely, as per my last learning experience - a lovely one, for a change! Or maybe it's the atmospheric conditions, I keep hearing they can affect firings, but haven't observed a consistent effect; not in this kiln, at least.
It's miserably hot here in Maine today, though I am in the shade on the deck, with the comfort of a cold brew. (Tuckerman's Pale Ale, out of Conway, NH, if you're interested.)

It only took an order to bounce me out of my ennui; once I had a deadline I got moving,  quick-quick like mongoose. I also notice I now have enough bisqueware piled up that I can fire again right away. More ware fits in the bisque firing than the glaze, so every once in awhile I have enough to fire two glaze kilns in short interval.

But that's not today. Today my hard work is done, and I have a silly project to work on: I'm designing a t-shirt, and you can help!

I need a good clear image of melting or melted cones - ideally three, with one still standing, with a relatively clean background. If you have one that might work, send it to me at: . If I use your photo, I'll give you a free t-shirt!

In the meantime I am doing a google image search but so far the options aren't great. Perhaps another beer would assist my creative process...


Linda Starr said...

they say ask a busy person to get something done, an order can do that for me too. Ha. can't wait to see your t shirt design

Gina said...

Hi Lori, I sent you an email this morning with a photograph of 3 different cones in three different stages. The background is not clear but possibly, you can clone it out.
Love your work,

On the farm... said...

No photos, but a favorite word image... my young son always called the bent cones 'dragons tails'. So perfect!

Haru Spruce said...

Dear Lori,

Your blog is an inspiration to me and you are an inspiration. I love that you feel so deeply. You have given me courage to continue my little pottery business which I have dived into more or less full time since I retired a year ago. Thank you! Your skill and whimsical inventiveness amaze me. You are great!

Lori, I feel confident that the world is waking up. It looks like chaos. Clearly the old structures are failing and something new is emerging. Now more than ever, each of us needs to find our center and to move from the Spirit of the Universe that is just waiting to be heard within us. I know you have that connection open, even when things get overwhelming. I think that is what this whole awful upheaval is for, to awaken us to who we really are which is much more than getting and losing etc. in the little dramas of our lives. We are essentially Spirit, bringing Spirit into form. Big project we signed up for here! . Bless those who suffer, so many on the Earth today, human and animal! Our blessings have power that we cannot see as does every enlightened thought we hold. Let us send them love and let US wake up!

Much love and hope to you,

Haruhuani Spruce, MD
Truth or Consequences, NM