Sunday, October 4, 2015

Screamy Feet

Ugh, this GETTING OLD thing! Amirite?

I'm on my feet a lot. Throwing days are mostly sit-down, of course, but decorating, glazing, loading, firing, packing, pricing, teaching classes - basically every work activity other than throwing (or blogging!) - is a standing one. For months now I've been literally hobbling when I wake up in the morning, barely able to put weight on either of my feet. It loosens up after a few excruciating minutes, and then I am able to walk normally, but then starts hurting again in the early afternoon. If I still down for any length of time, I go through the morning limping routine all over again. Turns out that what I had been calling "Screamy Feet" has a more official name: Plantar fasciitis

But for every curse, there is a blessing,* and right around the same time I started falling apart, I was able to get health insurance. So I told my doc about this foot problem, and she had a great suggestion:
  • fill a two-liter bottle with water
  • freeze it
  • in the evening, when reading or watching netflix or working online, place your feet on it like a little footstool. 

This ices the injured fascia and reduces the swelling. After one treatment, I was amazed at the improvement: no limping at all this morning. We'll see how it holds up over the course of the day.
In other news:
  • Still in the throwing/decorating part of the making cycle; I expect to fire a bisque in about two week, and a glaze about a week after that. 
  • It's already time to talk about the Holiday Pottery Shop! Fellow potter Mary Kay Spencer, Barb Loken and I checked out a space in Hallowell this week - the big red building on the north end of downtown, for my local readers. Still a couple of details that need to be nailed down but I am optimistic about this space. If it doesn't work, there are possibilities in Gardiner or Augusta, but we seem to do best in Hallowell, so we look there first. 
  • Soda firing workshop at Watershed next week! Still a few spaces - give Portland Pottery a call if you're interested: 207-772-4334. We'll glaze and load on Saturday, fire Sunday. Bring two cubic feet of bisqued work, I'll bring slips, glazes, and wax. $125
  • Putting the pottery stairs out front of my house one last time for the season. It's a bright sunny weekend, if a little cold; hoping to catch a few late-season bargain hunters.

 *HAHA as if


Linda Starr said...

I have plantar fasciitis which I developed after installing a 20 foot 5 tier rip rap retaining wall. I think it was the standing on my feet in an uphill position that aggravated my usual walking, standing, and weight bearing stance. My sister's foot doctor recommended closed toed shoes with good arch support. I've been wearing closed toe Dr. Scholls old lady looking shoes for years and they never hurt any more. If I get up in the morning and walk around without shoes for a short bit, they start to act up, no more barefoot for me. the shoes aren't much to look at but they work, comfort takes precedence over fashion as I age.

Tracey Broome said...

I'm rolling around a smaller version of your bottle on my arm/rotator cuff inflammation, works amazingly well.
Yep, "F" getting old!

Lori Watts said...

Tracey - you gave me an idea. I gave myself bit of tennis elbow when I took down the stack - those bricks are heavy! A frozen half-liter bottle works for the elbow, too.

Linda - Yes, tried a couple of shoe options and I'm always in athletic shoes with gel insoles in the studio. Those work best, but I still have the screamy feet.

Melissa Rohrer said...

Did your doctor recommend stretching? My husband had the same problem in both feet and was told to work on stretching the entire back of the leg. Hope it clears up for you soon.

Mimi said...

Lori, potters are too busy for plantar fasciitis, but it will come alomg anyway. If your insurance will cover a visit to a foot and ankle physician and custom orthotics, hobble on over asap.
Meanwhile, this stretch is helpful! Stand backward on a bottom step somewhere you can also hold on for balance, and hang your heels over the edge. Hold for at least fifteen seconds. Rest it flat for fifteen seconds. Repeat a few times. Do this several times a day. Really helped me.

Ldkrn said...

I've been doing this intermittently after you told me about it. It does help, especially in the am.