Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lazy Evening

Last night was the first of many, I hope, warm evenings on the deck, drinking seltzer and being lazy.

Lazy looks different for the self-employed, however, as I'm sure my potter-ful readership is aware. For us, lazy often means "working on something other than the most important thing we could be working on;" or "working on something less physically taxing than the thing we should be working on."

For me, sitting on the deck with my seltzer water, it was Zazzle. I made a Zazzle store a few years ago, because I like to snap some photos once in a while, and once in a while I get a pretty good one, and Zazzle is something I could do with those that doesn't involve a whole new artistic business. I've never gotten a check from Zazzle, but I do occasionally get an email that I sold something. The way it works it, you have to reach a threshold of $25 $50 before they send you a check, and since I was mostly selling greeting cards, the royalty on which is something like 11¢, well, I ain't there yet. (Zazzle increased the threshold! Must have been too many people getting checks.)
But as I said, my "products" were almost all cards, or mousepads. Sad to say, the mousepad is nearly dead; and cards have that tiny royalty. You know what is not dead? Phone cases! A friend visiting during the pottery tour mentioned that he had phone cases listed on Zazzle.

So that was what I spent my lazy evening doing: choosing images and listing custom phone cases. Check them out: 
Stony Shore

Wild Mushroom

Rusty Gear


Gazing Kitty

B&W Boots

2 Sheep

BTW: do people really spend $56 on a phone case? If so I feel much better about charging $80 for a lidded casserole.

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