Friday, October 3, 2014

The Final Five

Yesterday after much internal debate I finally selected and shipped out the plates for Mudfire's October show, simply entitled "Plate." SO excited to be a part of this! Show opens October 25.

Other quick hits:
  • We've scheduled one final raku firing for the year for November 1st, a Saturday, from 1-4. I've asked the studio staff at Portland Pottery to mix us up Lemon Luster (recipe coming soon!), a gorgeous metallic yellow that can also do peach and turquoise and copper; and I've mixed two terra sigs, a white and a red art, for anyone who'd like to try horsehair raku. 
  • I have this dopey idea that I want to make Days-of-the-Week mugs, like the underpants you loved so much when you were nine. Or the ones I loved so much, anyway. I'll give them some scalloped designs and lacey edging...I dunno, the very dumbness of the idea is what appeals to me.
I have half a dozen partially written blog posts in queue - just can't see to finish a post of substance. But I'm still here, still plugging away, and I hope you are too. TTFN.


Tracey Broome said...

At the bottom of your post where the you might also like boxes are, there was a selection called soap and sympathy. I went back and read this, I can soooo relate to that right now! My bars are too small, fragrance gone, not very attractive, ahhh the learning curves of new things! Congrats on the Mudfire show!

Shelley Whiting's art said...

The plates are very lovely and wonderful.