Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Raku and Results

I had some newbies, so I did a little blah-blah about what to expect

let's see what we've got!


Tuckered out and feeling a little non-verbal today, but here are some images from yesterday's raku firing. All the ware is student work.

I've got two more raku firings scheduled this season, one with my Thursday night class in the upcoming session (beginning the 21st) and one Saturday workshop in September. Date to be determined, hopefully today! 'll update as soon as I know, or give Cooper a call at Portland Pottery, 207-772-4334.


Linda Starr said...

that's some serious raku gear you're wearing

Lori Watts said...

Yes! Perhaps because of the shape or design, much more heat seems to pour out of this kiln than others I have used. Without the gear it's seriously uncomfortable, bordering on impossible. With the gear I can pull things out quickly before they get too cool to reduce well.

We get the jackets from the Falmouth Fire Department, after they get too old to be useful for them. The face shield is a welding mask, and the leather apron is also metalworker's gear.

Magdalena said...

Beautiful work ! thank you for sharing!
best regards , magdalena