Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things

This was maybe my favorite piece from the firing. Ask me again tomorrow - that may change. It was loosely - very loosely, as you can see - based on this textile pattern I found somewhere online. Expect to see more of this flippy daisy:

Sadly, it has a flaw. Or maybe not all that sadly, because the flaw means I will keep it.Yes, technically I could keep it flaw or not, but most of the time I'd rather have the $32 (or whatever.) Basically I can't afford my own work. But I do get first choice of the seconds, and this one is my choice.It's a minor flaw - some crawling in the bottom - but enough that I wouldn't sell it to a store.

This next was tough to photograph, with the dark/light contrast and the high gloss surface. The detail shows the, well, details, better.

Another plate, close cousin of the first:

My yellow glaze has a brownish quality I haven't seen before; possibly just because this was a new batch of glaze. I always tell my students that glazes are not at their best on the first day. Maybe they are not quite at their best the second day, either! Still, overall pleased with the plates.I'm making lots of them lately, in the hopes of having five spectacular plates for a show in 2015.

And, of course, Jaunty Jars! This was pretty much the Jaunty Jar firing - there were about eight or nine in there. Considering changing my business name to Lori's House of Plates and Jaunty Jars.


Unknown said...

What fun, Lori. They look great!

Deb said...

All the pieces are lovely but that mug..oh my goodness. I would love an excuse to keep that.

Deb said...
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Lori Watts said...

Thank, you guys! I used the mug this morning. Feels very nice in the hand. :)