Saturday, July 27, 2013

Some Helpful Numbers

A stick of butter is 5" long x 1.25 inches square
To throw a butter dish:
Tray, 1.25 # of clay
Lid, 1# of clay, plus the "roof"

2-Quart casserole:
Pot, 4.25# of clay
Lid, 3.75# of clay

1-quart casserole
Pot, 3# of clay
Lid, 2.5# of clay

9" dinner plate, with wide(ish) rim: 4.5# of clay

12 oz mug: 1 1/8 pound of clay
16 oz mug: 1.25 pounds of clay


ShellHawk said...

Thanks for those numbers! Now all I need is a scale! Lol ;)

Barbara Rogers said...

Yes to numbers especially if you're making duplicates!