Saturday, August 18, 2012

What's Happening in the Studio

You can see the influence of last week's Thursday Inspiration in these faceted pieces, but as always - I hope - I took the idea and ran in a different direction with it. The first ones I made, above seemed a little...sedate, when what I wanted was wild and fluid, like running water or the flowing marble drapery seen in classic sculpture:

Louis-Auguste-Théodore Rivière

 Bernini - Angel with Crown of Thorns

So, for the next batch, I used a wire separated out from a steel cable I bought at the hardware store. It has a slight, irregular undulation that results in a wilder, more organic look:

I've also been doing a little handbuilding, in preparation for a class I am teaching at Portland Pottery starting next week. (All of my classes start next week, if you are interested: Handbuilding Monday mornings, Beginning Ceramics Monday nights, Intermediate and Advanced Tuesday afternoons and evenings. Register here, or give Portland Pottery a ring - 207-772-4334.) These were slab built from a template, then embellished:

I was going to glaze today, but it's raining - a dreary day to be outside. It might be another wetwork day for me, hooray!


P MacGillivray said...

Love your site! I'm always excited to see it in my feed reader.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the second batch of pots! Looks a lot like fabric draping...very fluid. You def have something here!