Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chia Wadding

Remember when I suggested you could use birdseed in place of grog in wadding? Yeah, don't do that. Not just because of this creepy terrarium, but also because in the last firing a few of the seeds exploded, sort of like an egg in the microwave, I guess. They didn't do any damage, but any time you've got little bits of debris flying around the kiln you have potential for a bad situation.

I am considering using the chia-wadding, however: the seeds have already split. Will let you know if anything unexpected happens.


Newfoundout Potter said...

Hi - Never thought of seeds exploding! I have used coffee grounds in my wadding - nice smell to the wadding and it would be nice to get that nice coffee roasted smell as well while firing - unfortunatly that is not the case.

Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

The oat bran I use grows creepy science experiments like that too if you leave it sit. After my last firing I put the left over wadding in the freezer. Not sure how that will go, but figured it was worth a try. Otherwise I only make as much wadding as I can use in one firing. The coffee grounds is a good idea too.

Saga said...

Oh, that looks a little poisonus :/ I use flour in my wadding. It smells a bit if I dont use it in a few days and after a week it turns a bit green with mold... but it still works pretty ok.