Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Look, Pots!

It started raining before I could shoot many of the pots from the last firing, but I was able to get a few. These photos are not my best effort - I just pinned the backdrop up, and snapped away freehand. But I'm not applying to the Smithsonian with them, these are pretty much just to show all of you out in TV Land.

I discovered that shooting outside gives me a better result than any lighting arrangement I am able to achieve in my living room, short of purchasing some fancy-schmancy white lights and those little sideways umbrella things. I'd like to have that stuff, but even if I did, I'd still just pin up the backdrop on the deck on unloading day, because setting up is a big pain, and I'm only likely to do it when I need to photos to look awesome.
My deck in the afternoon is in solid shade - the shadow of the house is on it. But there is still a ton more light (hey, wait, does that make any sense? Does light weigh anything?) than there is indoors, even in my brightest room. But because it is in shade, the light is diffused enough not to create harsh shadows. One - the amber celadon bowl - was taken in the morning, and there is a great big reflection on it, which is why it would be better to wait until afternoon. Except it rained this afternoon, sooo...
Anyway, I'm repeating myself. Here are some pots. Most of these will be available at Bay View Company in Saco after tomorrow.


Unknown said...

These pots look fantastic! I love the orangy look of fire on pots contrasted with the liner glaze...they are just beautiful~ congrats!

Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

Awesome looking pots and the photos look great too.