Sunday, September 27, 2009

Squiggle Casserole & Company

Some favorite pieces from the last firing:

I am especially delighted with the vermiculations ("worm-shapes") on the top casserole. Though somewhat labor intensive, it's very restful, hypnotic work; and they nave a nice, intriguing texture. I have used these once or twice before, and I like them especially well when they get a good blast of soda, causing the worms to soften or even flow down the side of the pot in a cascade of glaze and soda.

I took these photos myself (yes, as if anyone needed to be told), accounting for their blurriness. (Jay York I am not.) I'm told that I could avoid the blur by using a remote shutter for the camera, which we have, somewhere around here, becuase it is the slight motion of the camera as I press the button that causes the problem.
Anyblah, good firing! Most of the pieces are already spoken for, so I need to get making again.

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Linda Starr said...

Wow, all those are spectacular, the squiggly one is great, but I just love the purple/lavender one.