Saturday, December 27, 2008

Standing in the Place Where I am

I feel like I've been whining and moaning and enumerating the reasons why I can't move forward, so I decided to try listing some actions that I could take to grow Fine Mess Pottery. In the interest of brainstorming, I am not going to censor my list as to whether these are good or effective uses of my time; only looking for ideas that have the advantage of being possible for me to accomplish right now. 

  • One thing seems clear; I need to make more stuff. Simple as that. If all of my inventory is out or sold, I won't have any with which to respond to new opportunities, and no sense of pressure to create new opportunities.  My studio work is being de-prioritized behind errands and housecleaning, whereas I would never call in sick to my PT job because the rugs needed vacuumed. I am neat, but not a freak; I can tolerate my house being a little messier. I think
  • Since I spend so much time online anyway, I could find a way to channel some of that into FMP. I have an Etsy page, for example; I just never use it. I also have a retail site. I could easily build a wholesale site to make ordering easy.  Just BTW, would any readers like to share their Etsy experiences?
  • While it's true that consignment is not going to be the whole answer, I am probably not maxed out on consignment in my area yet; and new consignment outlets are relatively easy to obtain. I hate to do it but some pruning is probably also in order: I need to pull my work from a couple of places where it's gathering dust. 
  • Here's a very concrete goal: six (successful) sculptural pieces by March, to approach galleries - I have three in mind. I'll need a dozen or more for the exhibit. 

Okay - it's a start.


Anonymous said...

I really identify with point #1!!

"One thing seems clear; I need to make more stuff. Simple as that."

Clay has taken a back seat for the past month...but it wouldn't have to if I created a schedule of must dos that included clay time.

Cheryl Alena Kinzel said...

Those sound like great ideas. I will follow your lead and put some thought into how to grow my business as well. Happy 2009!

jeanette said...

I definitely agree with #1. I am currently working on building up an inventory of "regular" items...mugs, bowls, etc... So that I can experiment with new forms and ideas.

I have found etsy to be a positive experience and would be happy to answer any questions that you have!