Saturday, March 9, 2013

Will They All Fit?

No, but a whole boatload of them will.
These are some of the pots Cindy of CC Ceramics and I glazed up to load for tomorrow's firing. The large, sculptural vessels are Cindy's as well as some smaller carved bowls and unomis. There's another whole board to the left, with some big pieces on it, and there was no chance that all of it was going to fit but I was amazed how much we did get in. Here's the kiln, partially loaded...

I could have fit more stuff, but I didn't want to stilt one of the larger thin shelves on the span, i.e., unsupported. Still we got easily three-quarters of the ware in. We're all bricked and mudded up now, ready to light tonight at midnight.

In other news, my Kickstarter project is is climbing slowly...keeping my fingers crossed.
Wadding recipe; 1 part Kaolin, 1 part alumina, 1 part coffee grounds

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