Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Map of the Maine Pottery Tour 2013

Here's how the tour is shaping up! I have an additional studio marker to add to the map, but I am still waiting on an address.
Click here to see a version with interactive markers that provide you with the address and contact information of the studios.

I made the map using a website called ZeeMaps, a not-entirely-free service, but I needed it to make sure the markers were accurately placed. Though I am glad they are out there, it's still fair to say that they are a moderate pain in the ass. I don't mind paying a buck to have the file emailed to me after it's created, and I don't even mind the ads stuck all over the online version. You can get a version without ads, but it's $17 - no thanks. But I get it, they are just trying to get paid like everyone is. What irritated me was that after I paid for my map, the image they send me was read-only, which is different from last year. I had to go to an online file conversion site to make a .jpg so I could label the various markers.

The tour is still almost two months out but I am started to get excited about it. It's nice to thin about sunny May, with the bright tulips lining the drive, when we are have a late winter snowstorm out my window.

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