Sunday, March 3, 2013

Maine Pottery Tour: Year 2

When I initiated the Maine Pottery Tour last year, it was in the hope that it would grow into the kind of annual event that people look forward to every year. Well, it's growing!!

So far eight studios have confirmed participation:

Me- Fine Mess Pottery. I will also have two guest artists.
Malley Weber
Mary Kay Spencer, The Potter's House
Martha Hoddinott, A Lakeside Studio Pottery
Barb and Neil Loken
Robbi Portela, Maple Lane Pottery
Liz Profetty
Tracy Adams, Salt Box Pottery

All of these are in a strip across what's called Central Maine (which is well south of the geographical center) to mid-coast. This is the region that I am "managing" for want of a better word: organizing the folken, handling the publicity. But we welcome studios in other areas of the state as well. If you are a potter in Maine and you'd like your studio to be part of the tour, give me a shout at
It's happening Mother's Day weekend, May 11th & 12th, though a couple of studios will only be open Saturday - more details to come.To get all the updates as they come, visit


Linda Starr said...

Oh that's going to be fun, super more folks are joining the tour.

Lori Buff said...

That does sound like fun for you and the tour guests. I wish I lived closer.