Saturday, January 16, 2021

Yeah so... bubble of energy last week? Got abruptly popped when a rightwing mob invaded the US capitol, intent on killing the Vice President and the Speaker of the House. I thought I was back, but no. My productivity is the least of the problems with this, of course, but THANKS ALOT, RIGHTWING MOB. I saw a post on social media asking something like, "Am I the only one having trouble focusing on anything other than the deadly pandemic and the imminent threat to democracy?" No, anonymous poster; no you are not. It's wreaking holy ol' havoc with my professional life. 

If everything really does have an equal and opposite reaction I am about to have my most amazing year yet - as is America. 


I finally got the kiln loaded - a little loose, but I often get better pots that way. I went to candle the load but discovered that I need new thermocouples (well - I knew that. I kept putting it off, & now one of them doesn't work at all) and the burners are loud & flame more orange than blue - the burners need a good scrub with a wire brush. Thermocouples are easy to replace, and burners are easy to scrub, but it does mean the kiln is still not firing! Luckily nobody is waiting for these pots...yet. 

My list today:

  • Order three 36" thermocouples
  • Take burners apart & clean them
  • Pray for America

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Loading Tuesday & Wednesday

 Firing Friday. All of a sudden I desperately want to make pots. 

Friday, January 1, 2021

Cornbread on New Year's Day

...oh & also a soda-fired plate!

Tradition says that eating cornbread on New Year's Day brings prosperity in the new year. Same goes for sauerkraut, and spinach. There's a little bit of sympathetic magical thinking here: cornbread is gold, spinach and cabbage are green leaves like money. I'm not superstitious but it can't hurt! Anyway I love cornbread. I mean who doesn't love cornbread? I'll probably also steam some spinach for lunch later, to make up for having what is practically a dessert for breakfast. 

Wishing you gold, green cash, and all good fortune in 2021. 

Welcome, 2021!

Glad I could make it. Glad we all could. 

Except, we all couldn't. We didn't all. I want to go forward, with joy and hope - and I will - but I haven't forgotten the many we lost last year. To honor their memories, let us pledge to do all that we can to stop the spread of this virus, and do so glad for the opportunity to help. 

Let us go forward with love, and embrace opportunities for kindness. Let us leave in the past the idea that caring is weakness, or that we can only care about people who are flawless. The common greeting in yoga classes, "Namaste" is sometimes said to mean "the divine in me recognizes the divine in you." What I want to say instead is, the human in me recognizes the human in you. We are all flawed, we are all struggling, we are all swimming upstream and doing our best. Let us learn to fight to protect the more vulnerable among us without anger and without hatred. 

I hope in 2021 I can extend my circle of empathy. We need a year - at least a year! - of healing. Let 2021 be that year, and let it start with me. 

Happy New Year, friends. Better days ahead.