Saturday, January 19, 2013

Stacking Jars, Part 2

Finally my stacking jars are leatherhard & ready to finish! I close off my studio when I am not in there, to save on heat, but as a result it's really, really cold in there - like see-your-breath cold - and things dry ridiculously slowly. Anyway! Here's the step-by-step to finish the stacking jars:

When the jar is leatherhard, cut the lid free at the bottom of the uppermost notch. Place it upside down in the rim of the cylinder; trim the outer edge to remove any ragged or uneven clay.
Now remove the lid and set it aside. Trim the inner edge of the top section. If your wheel can turn clockwise, and you are a rightie, try it this way! It's much easier to trim inner edges clockwise.

Replace the lid, which should now fit snugly into the upper rim. Using the fettling knife, cut off the top section, again at the bottom of the notch. Trim the edges so the top section fits into the bottom section. Repeat with the next section.

Add a slab to the bottom of the top two sections, to make it into small jars with a lids, that function as lids for the jars below them.

This set is quite small - useful for earrings, or maybe as a spice jar; but if I made a much bigger one it would make a nice coffee/tea canister.

Bonus idea: 
I threw a slightly larger one, with only two sections. Put a spout on the lower part, and you've got a stacking sugar/cream set!


Unknown said...

You are a wonderful potter and instructor. Thanks for all your good ideas and well documented projects.

Lori Watts said...

Joy shared is joy made double. You are more than welcome. :)

Linda Starr said...

I love these stacking jars so versatile for so many uses and your demo is super.

DirtKicker Pottery said...

That turned out really nice. It looks fun to make too.
Thanks for sharing :)