Friday, January 11, 2013

Cone 6 Test Recipes

Blair’s Red Variation
Flashing slip: apply to leather hard on the dry side

Neph sy 15
Grolleg 20
Helmer kaolin 65

Add 5 Neph Sy
This is a slightly altered version of Mark Knott's red flashing slip; I've increased to Neph sy a little

Water Blue cone 6 (Julia Galloway)

Gerstley borate 6
Frit 3110 77

Flint 10
Bentonite 3
Copper carb 1 – 5% (I used 3%)
Cobalt carb .5% - 1%(I used .5%)
Or try stains in the 2 – 5%

Smooth Orange Flashing Slip
Apply to leather hard
EPK 40 
OM4 ball clay 40
Borax 5
Zircopax 10
Neph sy 5

This is also a Mark Knott recipe. 

These are sort of the low-hanging fruit: recipes that are available online, that people who already fire Cone 6 soda are using.I admire both Julia's and Mark's work, and plan to incorporate some of their glazes (or variations thereof;) however it occurs to me that to keep the ^6 soda palette from getting too inbred - all of us using the same recipes - I am going to have to reach beyond the published glazes, and create some of my own. Hopefully I can tweak glazes I am already using at ^10, as I like my glazes and would hate to have to simply retire the whole palette. Also, I really need a flashing slip that I can apply to bisque; maybe replace the EPK in the Smooth Orange with calcined kaolin?
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