Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's a Fine Day to Mix Glaze

That's not a thing that you'll hear me say too often, but circumstances have conspired to make this the perfect glaze-test mixing day:
  1. I have my new digital scale to test out!  It's a 7001DX, which I got at; it was only about $50 with the shipping. (If you click the link it's about 3/4s of the way down the page.) Since it has a 7000 gm capacity, I think it will speed up my glaze mixing considerably, and offer fewer opportunities to screw up a whole bucket of glaze without even realizing it until I unload a kiln full of ruined pots. Not that that has ever happened to me, but it seemed like only a matter of time, when I had to weigh out ingredients in several increments.
  2. Val Cushing's  handbook arrived in the mail today; you would not believe the wealth of information in this spiral-bound volume. I'm so excited to read through it I can hardly sit still! Professor Cushing offers this book for $28, which includes shipping; you can get your copy by sending a note and a check to:

    1497 Water Wells Rd.,
    RD 1, Box 236 Alfred Station NY 14802,
    607 587 9193

    And - icing on the cake - Professor Cushing signed my copy! He says he likes the name Fine Mess Pottery. :) The book is also available at Amazon, if you prefer to shop electronically.
  3. I have a test firing coming up with Liz Proffety, a mid-coast potter I met through a Watershed event. Liz fires ^6, I fire with soda: together we are like chocolate and peanut butter. Two great tastes that taste great together: Cone 6 soda! I plan to use the Cushing handbook to re-formulate some of my glazes to see if firing to a lower temperature will work for me. As always, I will share my results here. 
Look at the time! At my latitude, daylight hours pass quickly this time of year, and it's well to make the best of them. 


Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

Oh... mixing glazes. I've got several to replenish before spring, but seem to always procastinate getting it done. Cool new scale!!

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

Cone 6 soda is something I wouldn't mind doing myself. I fire 5-6 electric right now, but have long been wanting to get into atmospheric firing.

- Cindy - said...

I saw Kim in the studio yesterday and mentioned you were experimenting with cone 6 soda. She reacted as if she was going to immediately pack up some pots to fire and start driving to Maine. Haha!