Sunday, May 1, 2011

Adjusted Wax White Glaze

...or AWWG for short. If you recall, one of my favorite glazes, Wax White, was failing to fully flux unless I reached full 11 - and my kiln has some cool spots where I am lucky to get to 9. This most recent firing was more even, but I still don't want to fire to Cone 11. So, I repalced half of the Custer Feldspar in the recipe with Nephelyne Syenite. And, lo, it worked! The surface had the same buttery quality that I love, but it was completely smooth at Cone 9. Here it is:

AWWG Cone 9

20.5      Custer Spar
20.5      Neph Sy
12          Gerstley Borate
7            Dolomite
15          Talc
5            Tennesee Ball Clay
20         Silica

Add: Zircopax, 5%

For the variation here, add 0.5% chrome.

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