Friday, May 27, 2011

Thursday Inspiration*

For some time now I have been sending my students an inspirational link every Thursday. I wanted to show them Gail Kendall's work, but I had a hell of a time trying to find a site with more than a couple of images. I practiced the fine art of Google-fu for a while before remembering that I have the ability to construct a collection of images. D'oh!

Anyway. I thought it was important for you to see this work in part because it is all handbuilt; I sometimes think that because I am a thrower myself, handbuilding gets the short shrift, and that I do not sufficiently emphasize the strengths of those ways of working. Yes, it's slower; but if you aren't working production and getting paid by the piece, what does that matter? The metric of success is not the number of pots on the board at 9 pm, but how compelling (in whatever form that takes; beauty is only one possibility) the finished pieces.

*Yes, I know it's Friday. XO


Tami said...

Good Morning Lori!

I love this work; in particular the first 2 pieces, such fun! Really the cake plate is hand built?
I am thrilled it is Friday!

Unknown said...

Amazing pieces and that they are handbuilt...I do not have the patience for that level of intricacy (yet!).

On another topic: I am so excited to add a Fine Mess Pottery piece of work to my collection!! I will treasure it :)