Saturday, April 30, 2011

Three Shinos and a Chrome

Remember that old notion that you can't fire shino in soda? Well, forget it. Here were my shino soda results:

Shino Sauce, from Mudstuffing Sketchbook

Fat with a slight iridescence, nice both inside & out.

Portland Pottery's Shino recipe:
More irisdescent, with some carbon trapping. This glaze was more interesting in soda than in stoneware!

Malcolm Davis Shino:
This was not a great result -- the interior in particular is flat and dull -- but too late I remembered I was using the version that is intended for white claybodies, but I was testing on a brown clay. So, Not giving up on MD Shino, not yet.

And, hey, wow! I usualy steer clear of chrome as a colorant, as most chrome greens I've seen lack subtelty, to say the least. This is the adjusted waxy white recipe, with one-half of one percent chrome. Waxy indeed, and mostly yummy tan with a little blush of green. [Wow, I just realized I never posted the adjusted recipe!! Which is unfortunate, because I thought this is where I stored the recipe. Rats. Anyway,I have a post it the works on adjusting glaze maturation points. I'll find this recipe (hopefully) and post it then.] 

So, I've got two new buckets to mix up before the next firing, tentatively scheduled for May 15. If I get "rained out"  - actual rain wouldn't stop me but other circumstances might - I'll have to push it to the 27th. 

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