Sunday, May 15, 2011

Glazes to Try

Just a jumble of recipes I want to try. I like storing them here because then I can'r LOSE them, whihc I already lost the tenmoku redipe that I liked from the last firing. Unless it's the one on this list, which it might be; I remember it contained 8% iron. 

Anyway. I got thse from a list Linda Arbuckle published. Hers has approximately 0ne million glazes on it, with notes; but it's hard to read since it's all rtf with no breaks between the recipes. Still, it's a treasure trove. Check it out.

Vert Antique

Cone: 8-10
Color: Vert antique. Medium green
Testing: Tested
Surface: Semi-gloss
Firing: Reduction
Glaze type: Stoneware
Transparency: Opaque
Visual texture: Speckled lightly because of the presence of Rutile
Crystals: None
Bubbles: None
Flow: None
Durability: Good
Custer spar 56.80
Dolomite 13.60
Whiting 10.60
Zinc oxide 3.00
EPK 16.00
Rutile 2.00
Copper carbonate 2.00
Cobalt carbonate 3.00
Very interesting "antique" green with speckles darker on dark
burning clays and lighter on light burning clays (Vérité de Monsieur
de la Palice). Hum!

KCAI Tenmoku
Glaze name: Tenmoku
Cone: 9
Color: brown to black
Testing: Untested
Surface: shiny, glossy
Firing: reduction
Custer feldspar 56.00
Silica 20.50
Whiting 16.00
Ball clay 7.50
Red iron oxide 8.00
Bentonite 2.16

Wood's Black Slip
Cone: 10
Color: Black
Firing: Ox. or Red.
Glaze type: Slip
Transparency: Opaque
Redart 50.00
Ball clay 25.00
Manganese dioxide 15.00
black stain 12.00
Black iron oxide 5.00
From Ruthann Tudball's "Soda Glazing"

Glaze name: slip UF shop black
Cone: 8-10
Color: Black
Surface: unglazed
Firing: Ox. or Red.
Glaze type: Slip
Transparency: Opaque
Redart 40.00
Custer feldspar 20.00
Ball clay 40.00
Red iron oxide 5.00
Cobalt carbonate 2.00
Manganese dioxide 5.00
Chromium oxide 1.00

Slip Nancy's Black Wood/Soda
Cone: 9-10
Color: Black
Surface: Unglazed
Firing: Wood
Glaze type: Slip
Transparency: Opaque
Visual texture: None
Gerstley borate 60.00
Mason 6600 black stain 40.00
From Nancy Barbour. A bit too patent leather if used on large areas, so
I add a bit of RIO to mellow it. Used at different stage for a
variety of black and grey. Mimicks ink. Thick=black, thin= grey.

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