Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sell Your Best Stuff

A couple of months ago, I got a mug out of the kiln (Portland Pottery's kiln, actually) that I really really loved. I've made a lot of pots that pleased me in that time, but this one was compelling. And not just to me; I consistently got "wow"s in response to it. I decided to keep it around, until I had duplicated it.

This was in direct conflict with my standing policy to sell my best pieces. I spent 2 months making that shape over and over, and creating that glazing scheme over and over, only to get a lot of mugs that were nice -- very nice, in fact -- but just not the same. At one point I glared at the Amazing Smoky Heart Mug, as I have come to call it, and cried, "I wish I never met you!" as one might to a heartbreaking lover. I would have been delighted with all those other mugs, if only I hadn't had the Amazing Smokey Heart Mug for comparison. And, perversely, though I just built a soda kiln, it's a straight stoneware look. Which only proves that I was right in the first place. The Amazing Smokey Heart Mug is holding me back. As I should have in the first place, I am setting it free; also known as selling it.

Sell your best stuff. You can make more best stuff, but you can never truly make the same best stuff, and it's better not to try. 

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