Sunday, August 30, 2015

Silver Lining

Yeah, so, that art fair? The one I was so excited about? Kind of stunk for me. And by "kind of" I mean I missed making the booth fee back by $1.

I'm told this was a good fair, until this year. It's that Reverse Midas Touch thing again!Or else some other factors, like a new, larger fair this year - the MCA put on a fine crafts show this year, for some reason choosing the same weekend as the established Designing Women show. (Actually I know the reason - they are piggybacking on the crowd that already comes out for the 50-year-old WSCH 6 Sidewalk Art Festival, which features mostly fine art. (Mostly paintings of lobster traps and lighthouses, honestly. Not that there's anything wrong with that.) Still, sucked for the people who counted on the Manchester show.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining, and I was lucky enough to find two: 1) I had been meaning to rebuild my art fair display for years, but something else was always more important; now it is done and 2) I now have tons of inventory to get to my various accounts for the tail end of summer, going into leaf-peeping season and beyond to holiday shopping. Some of it is already at the Portland Pottery Cafe, and more on its way to Quench in Belfast, Mudfire in Decatur, GA, and my website, if it is a bright enough day to take photos. 

Moving right along!


Linda Starr said...

sorry about that show for you; I love your positive outlook, I am struggling to keep my inventory up right now.

Lori Watts said...

Struggling to keep up inventory is a great problem to have! But having inventory is good, too, as I can respond to opportunities as they arise.

Unknown said...

Not making back the booth fee sucks. I do like your work. Have done shows myself where I didn't make the money back. Sometimes I find it hard to look at my nice inventory and think, 'This should have gone.' Then of course there is the question of why it didn't. Good that you're keeping a positive perspective. I find it hard sometimes. So far I find that if we love what we do and we can manage on what income we have, we persevere. You Go, Lori.