Saturday, August 22, 2015

Designing Women

After weeks of prep and worry and more prep, it's time to saddle up. Whatever I forgot (ahem: business cards) I'll just have to do without; the weather will be whatever it is; people will come and buy, or they won't.
If you are in Central Maine, come see me!

Longfellow's Greenhouses
81 Puddledock Road

Oh, and I almost forgot: today is my birthday! That's got to be good mojo, right?


Sheri Bare said...

Happy Birthday! Happy selling!!

Barbara Rogers said...

Happy birthday...mine's tomorrow! I hope by then you'll be sitting with your feet up counting all the bills that came into your pocket today as pottery went out to their new homes.

Donna said...

Happy Day Lori, I hope it was awesome!

Also, if you still need business cards, send me an email. I work in printing and can get that done.

smartcat said...

Toes crossed that there is little to pack to bring home!
Happy Birthday!
Keep on dancing round the sun!

sddonlon said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Hope it all went really well!