Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cats and Clay, a (Very) Brief History

Yup, that's a paw print alright.
It appears cat have been wreaking havok for clay workers for at least a couple of millenia! Paw prints were found on 2000-year old Roman roof tiles, perhaps made when the tiles were laid out to dry. The tile was fired and used nevertheless - for all we know the marks were considered an embellishment! That wasn't the way of it when my own feline friends - kittens at the time - contributed to my work, but who knows? More likely, it just didn't matter, as the fairly shallow prints didn't interfere with the function of the tile.


smartcat said...

The more things change; the more they remain the same!

Melissa Rohrer said...

Found a paw print in the bottom of one of my bowls once. Luckily, no other damage. Decided to go ahead and fire the bowl and a customer was thrilled to get it.