Thursday, March 27, 2014

Three Legged Tour

In addition to preparing for my firing - which is starting to remind me of those kind of recurring dreams where you are trying, trying to get somewhere and things keep interrupting you: a long, slow train, you forgot something, your car door won't close, and so on - I have been working on promotional materials for the Maine Pottery Tour. I've finally finished up the tri-fold flyers, which contain on the back the map that is the primary way people find us. Now that there are eighteen studios participating, it seemed wiser to split the tour up into three legs, because the map became overwhelming and hard to read. They look like this:

The map above is the Central Maine wing of the tour:
  1. Fine Mess Pottery – 131 Cony St, Augusta, ME  
  2. Malley Weber – 6 Orchard Lane, Hallowell, ME 
  3. The Potter's House – 82 Stevenstown Road, Litchfield, ME
  4. A Lakeside Studio Pottery – 12 Cedar Point Road, Wayne, ME
  5. Maple Lane Pottery – 36 Greeley Road, Windsor, ME 
  6. Loken Pottery -26 Bowman St, Farmingdale, ME 
  7. Mudgirl Pottery – 846 Memorial Drive, Winthrop, ME 
  8. Whitefield Pottery – 442 Howe Road, Whitefield, ME 
  9. Rob Sieminksi – 63 Bog Pond Road, Philips, ME 

    Here's the Southern wing:
    1. Gallery on the Green, 11 Oak St, Alfred
    2.  HomePort Pottery, 131 Beechwood Ave, Kennebunkport
    3. Heather Abt, 30 Everett St, Portland
    4. Peg's Pots, 51 Woods Rd, Peaks Island

      To use an interactive online map, click here.To download a .pdf, click here.

    And, finally, a mid-coast leg:

    1. Liz Proffetty, 118 W Old County Rd, Newcastle, 
    2. Ash Cove Pottery 75 Ash Cove Rd, Harpswell
    3. Alexsondra Tomasulo, Clark's Cove Rd, Walpole
    4. Tyler Gulden, Clark's Cove Rd, Walpole
    5. Fireside Pottery, 1478 Camden Rd, Warren

    6. To use an interactive online map, click here. To download a .pdf, click here. 
      My bum is tired of sitting and my eyes are screen-sore.  So happy to be spending the next couple of days in the primal world of loading and firing!

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Brenda Neall said...

Wish I could go! I was our local studio tour organizer for a few years ... It's a lot of work. Have a great tour!