Friday, March 14, 2014

Quick Hits

First, here's the fired piece from my earlier post. It's a measure of how pleased I am with this plate that I don't even mind that it cracked on the edges - I know why it cracked, and I know I achieve this glaze result again.

Second, I recently had occasion to make a cheesecake. I used to make cheesecake pretty regularly, but that was before merely thinking the word "cheesecake" caused me to gain five pounds. Those were the days, my friend! But never mind that. For the first time when making a cheesecake, I had a standing mixer to help, and boy did it help. A much lighter result.

I swear I am going somewhere with this.

In addition to making a better cheesecake, the mixer made a beautiful pattern in the cake batter. I want to capture this somehow with slip:


Linda Starr said...

oh I do love cheesecake and your batter is definitely like slip, I can just picture it slathered on a piece of clay. I mix up my slip in stainless steel bowl with a hand held mixer and it looks just like a batter.

Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

That would be a really great pattern in slip. Looking forward to seeing how you achieve that.