Sunday, March 16, 2014

Signs of Spring

I'm told that meteorological winter ended over a week ago. That's the three months period in which the temperatures, on average, are the coldest. You couldn't prove it by 2014, not by a long pull.

There have been, however, some promising signs. The first green tips of crocuses came up about a week ago; I also saw a large group of robins, huddling for warmth. And, not least, preparations for the Maine Pottery Tour are underway.

At my house that means not just making pots, but making maps and sending emails. I've just finished the online version of the Central Maine portion of the Tour, which you see above. Click a marker for info about that studio! You can see a printable version of the map here as well; and I expect to soon have PDFs available, with addresses and contact information. Until then, here's the list:

  1.  Fine Mess Pottery - that's yours truly
  2. Malley Weber - Hallowell Clayworks
  3. The Potter's House - Mary Kay Spencer
  4. A Lakeside Studio Pottery - Martha Hoddinott
  5. Maple Lane Pottery - Robbi Portela
  6. Loken Pottery -Barb and Neal Loken
  7. Mudgirl Pottery - Diane Harwood
  8. Whitefield Pottery - Libbey Seigars

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