Saturday, February 11, 2012

Well, That Sucked

I just unloaded my bisque, and every piece that was thrown with B-mix Sand cracked, save two small salad plates. Not s-cracks or cracks along the foot ring; these cracks started at the rim and meandered. Sadly, the casualties included the vessel sinks. Was I raving about B-mix Sand before? I take it all back. Doesn't matter how easily it throws if nothing survives the bisque.

I didn't dry or fire especially quickly, and every other piece in the kiln survived just fine.

Good thing I am so very mild-mannered, or I'd be really aggravated right now.

I think I'll go have a drink. Maybe do some yoga, or something.


Melissa Rohrer said...

Very sorry to hear that, especially about the vessel sinks. I was really interested in seeing how they'd turn out. I was asked to make one last summer but was too intimidated by the whole plumbing fit issue.

Linda Starr said...

what a bummer, I had problems with B Mix cracking on rims when I used cone 10 and some with cone 6 too, I use Macabee 5 now, of course that's cone 5 and I am assuming you're using 10.

Kings Creek Pottery said...

Well that just sucks :(
You are a better person than me...I'd be either crying , smashing the bisqueware, or taking it out on my husband!
Wish I could offer insight, but have little experience with B-Mix. Instead I'll offer sympathy and a cyber hug!

shane mickey said...

never heard of bmix sand?? is that bmix with grog? i have used bmx cone 10 for decade! never heard of this problem. i do use regular bmix, no grog or sand. did you add sand? that would be the problem if you did. sorry to hear about your loses.

Lori Watts said...

Hehe. No, Shane, I didn't add the sand. Laguna sells the body that way. I, too have used regular b-mix, with only minor cracking issues, mostly solved by drying even more slowly than usual.

Hollis Engley said...

Never had any real problems with B-Mix cracking, other than things I attribute to my own mistreatment of the clay in throwing or trimming. Like Shane, I have never heard of B-Mix Sand. Drying to fast at the rim, maybe??

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