Monday, February 27, 2012

Shino Experiment Results...Sort of

I tried a new technique in the hope of achieving some nice iridescent shinos without glazing two weeks in advance. It worked, and it didn't. These bowls were side-by-side in the kiln. I have known that one side of the chamber gets heavier reduction than the other - I can tell by observing the back pressure - but I have never seen a noticeable effect on the glaze results before. Holy wow, what a difference!
It doesn't really answer the question of whether keeping the glazed pots under plastic improves the results, but it does serve to remind me how very, very sensitive shino is to differences in atmosphere. I can try to keep all my shinos on the west side of the chamber - yeah, right - or I can maybe toss some sticks in the soda port periodically, on the east side.
Anyway. Interesting. now I have to return to the not-interesting task of editing all these photos. Why do I take them, again?

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Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

Wow - what a difference. I'll have to try putting in one bowl I glazed a couple weeks early and one I just glazed with Shino in my next firing too to see how different they turn out. Assuming I can plan that well in advance. :-)