Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm Taking a Poll....

Here are a couple of shots from the Thrown, Altered, Assembled workshop at Portland Pottery yesterday. I only hope the students had as great a time as I did! As I usually do, I demonstrated and talked for the first two hours, and then opened it up for students to try some of the shapes.
And today I had a thought. I always like an interactive workshop, but maybe people would prefer to see/hear more from me, and then try the techniques in their own studios? I could easily fill three or four hours with demos. What do you think? I promise not to take it as criticism; I am just always looking for ways to improve the workshops, for next time.

I've created a poll, in the right hand column; or feel free to respond in the comments.


Darcy said...

Hey Lori,
Today I tried out some of the things I learned yesterday. I made some of the tiny pulled handles on the sides of a large canister, and I threw a closed form to make into a flower brick. I had a GREAT time, learned tons, and loved that you made a belly bowl :D

The Zs said...

Lori, thank you so much for the absolutely terrific workshop on Saturday. I had a terrific time and came away with so many great ideas! I love the way you see so many possibilities in forms and create so many distinct designs because you're never afraid to experiment and try something completely new. I count myself fortunate to have started my very first ever pottery with you as my teacher, and the more time I spend in the studio, the more I appreciate your absolute magic with clay. Thank you for your generosity in sharing ideas, techniques and always encouraging adventure and a different perspective in my (our) work. - Christy Z.