Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Drinking Plenty of Fluids

And now we come to the downside of self-employment: there's no calling in sick. Well, you can; you can call in sick every day if you want to, but you won't get paid. In this way it reminds me of a caveman's life: get out there and pick berries, or you don't eat. In theory, this is part of what appeals to me about sole proprietorship: the direct connection between effort and rewards. No more of this once-a-year chance to persuade my boss I work hard. I either work hard and it shows, or I don't, and it shows.
In practice, that translates to, I've got this crap virus and I am right about ready to cough up a lung, but I've invited people to join me for the unloading, so the show must go on. Every time I unload, I think, "I should invite people to join me for this part." And then I don't because the unloading date is a shifting target. But I did this time, having decided that I just won't let it shift.

I know in a few days I will be glad I persevered, when I am unbricking on Sunday. Right now it kind of sucks. Luckily I have been plugging along a little at a time with glazing, so most of that is done.

So. More raspberry tea, and back into the studio.


Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Yes, drink up... and I hope you feel better soon!

Barbara Rogers said...

Hope you get over the bug soon, and be gentle with yourself in the meantime!