Sunday, April 17, 2011

Close Your Eyes...

I hate, hate, hate not having my camera! In the meantime, close your eyes and imagine some nine-inch plates, with a shallowly dished interior and broad, flat rim. Imagine that these plates have been glazed in a high-soda-ash-content shino, and then had images painted in wax. Imagine futher that the wax burned away in the firing, and the resulting carbon was trapped in the surrounding glaze, giving it a smoky, golden hue...
Oh, never mind. I've bid on a camera exactly like the one that broke, on Ebay. My husband purchased ours for several hundred dollars, maybe six years ago. I figured with shipping, I couldn't get it fixed for less than $100; the auction price is currently at $37. This makes sense, as the camera is several years old, and only 4 megapixels, whereas 8 megapixels is standard among mid-range cameras now. But 4 is more than plenty for my needs. Nor was the one I bid on the only one available, so sooner rather than later I expect to have it replaced. (My husband swears he can fix it, but he hasn't yet, and nagging is not my style.) These plates will be off to their forever homes by then, but I'll make more, and then you'll see what I'm talking about.

Ciao for now!

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