Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Wish I Had Gone to the Mark Johnson Workshop... Portland Pottery. What I was actually doing that day was bringing my dog to the neurologist. This was a waste of time, as it turned out that the scan alone cost more (by far) than I make in a month; I wouldn't do it if it were for me. We are treating him medically instead, and so far, he seems to be responding. (We did try a chiropractic approach, but gave it up in favor of total kennel rest, so the affected disc can heal.) But I digress. What I started out to say was, a few of my students took the workshop, and came to class energized and full of ideas. I learned a technique from them that they got from Mark, and it makes me think how much I missed! Here's one of Mark's thrown and altered basket forms: It's a great shape, but I decided to re-interpret it as a serving bowl, as the greater utility appeals to me.

It has a sort of lingerie look that amuses me, like a secret joke. The next one I make might have handles that curve above the rim, in a nod to straps, as a camisole.

It begins as a flat bottomed bowl with sides angled outward halfway up, then becoming vertical. I made three deep rings with the corner of my rib, as the way the lines come together after the alteration is all the fun. The bottom was a bit heavy, but I didn't feel much like trimming it (for some reason!) so I angle-cut some implied feet. I'd be happy to show you those, but it was right about then that my camera gave up the ghost. Is there an echo in here? It seems like I've typed words to that effect before, and not that long ago.

Anyway, glad I got enough shots to finish this post. And if you have a chance to see Mark Johnson do his stuff, take it!


annie said...

Hope your pooch is doing well on crate rest. I went through this a year ago January with my dachshund Nick. he was completely down and lost the use of his hind legs. Crate rest and meds did the trick. You would never know today that he ever lost the ability to walk. He does get a little sore when the weather is going to turn, but that is all.
wish I could have gone to that workshop too-however love your bowl and will have to try that when my studio is up and running again.


Lori Watts said...

Oh Annie, thanks so much for posting Nick's story! Last Tuesday I was sure we were going to have to say goodbye to Queequeg, as he was truly in pain; today, if he weren't restrained, he'd be trying to play keepaway with us.

Unknown said...

I loved this bowl so much, I demoed the technique for my students last night. Not nearly as nice as yours, but it's still a very cool result. Thanks for sharing!