Friday, April 22, 2011

Two Joyful Things

1) My new/old camera is winging its way towards me even as I type! This was a very lucky Ebay find, an exact replacement for the camera that gave up the ghost a few weeks ago, for far less than a repair would cost. I had to find an exact replacement as my husband does a lot of underwater photography, and any other device would not have fit the waterproof case. It's funny how excited I am for the camera to arrive, when it's only what I have taken for granted for the last six years. While living camera-less, I have been seeing things daily that absolutely needed to be photographed; and me with no means to accomplish that. Look for lots of photos to appear here, and on my other blog. Although that one is heavy on the cute-cat-pics, so if that's not your thing...

2) Buddy firing this weekend! My dear friend is joining me for a firing this weekend. It's kind of a long story, but without MF, my path to this kiln might have been a much longer one. I won't say I wouldn't have a kiln, because that was always going to happen, but she played an important part getting things rolling. Anyway, she is on her way from Portland, about 50 miles away. We'll glaze & load today, and fire tomorrow. I bought good coffee and spiffied up the guest room. Can't wait.

And, by the time this firing unloads I should be able to photograph the best pots. Big joy!

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