Friday, April 1, 2011

Phillips Shino Sauce

Who could resist a glaze called "Shino Sauce?" Just making a note of it here so I will know where to find it. I got it from Keith Phillips blog, Mudstuffing Sketchbook, a fun read with a wealth of information for potters. Keith also fires with soda, so I am in hopes this shino will do well. As I may have said before, in my past experience, soda + shino = blah; which is a shame, since my shinos are soem fo my favorite stoneware glazes. Unwilling ot leave shino behind entirely, I am in the process of mixing several test batches for the next firing. Which was supposed to be this weekend, but - April Fool! -  14 inches of snow had a different opinion. The firing has been rescheduled for April 15 -16, unloading on the 21st. 

Shino Sauce/Cone 9-10 Reduction

F-4 30
Spodumene 30
Neph Sy 15
Ball Clay 12
Soda Ash 8
Red Art 0 to 6

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Unknown said...

Sorry to hear the snow got you :(
We are getting a couple of inches...but far from 14. Hopefully it will all melt for you this weekend!
Thanks for the shino recipe- I'll give it a go too~