Thursday, July 3, 2014

Migraines and Hurricanes

Between scheduling conflicts, car troubles, unexpected guests, and migraine headaches, I've been trying to get to Portland's First Friday event for TWO YEARS without success. I haven't tried every single month, of course; I have no desire to stand on a sleety Portland sidewalk in March waiting for people to not buy stuff because they just want to get inside. But July? And July 4th, no less? Bring it on!

I had - I have - my ducks in a row. My pots are all priced and packed, I've got bags, change, and a calculator, and a small table for display. The table I borrowed from my mother - Portland is pretty generous about street vendors but they do require they you take up no more than 12 square feet, including your chair.

But now the forecast says steady rain, the remnants of Hurricane Arthur.

I could go anyway and hope for the best. I did make a decision that I am going to have to push all fronts harder to sell stuff.  But Portland is an hour away, and the whole deal would eat up most of day with little hope of good sales. Not to mention standing out in the steady rain, hating life. Yeahno. Skipping it. However! Next week is looking pretty good - cloudy and warm, not sweltering - so maybe I'll show up Wednesday for Farmer's Market. I'm in town on Wednesday anyway.

New plan.


Linda Starr said...

farmers's market seem to be good if you ateend consistently, hope it doesn't rain, my dh had migraines till he quit caffeinated drinks, chocolate and excedrin

Jen said...

Sounds like the Farmer's Market is worth a shot! Sorry to hear about your migraines.

Lori Watts said...

I get the headaches maybe three or four times a year, sometimes for no reason but often related to low blood sugar, or to missing coffee. I feel pretty lucky, actually - if I know it's coming - and I sometimes get visual effects before the pain - I can take an aspirin and lay down in a dark room, and maybe avoid it entirely.

Unknown said...

Farmers Markets can be fun but do not expect gallery or store prices. Take the odds and ends you generate from teaching and experimenting and price them to sell, make deals to upsell, trade with the farmers and bakers, and go home with good veggies and bread!

Tracey Broome said...

Ugh, the never ending quest for places to sell the stuff we make. There has got to be a better way! I did the farmers market last year, made a commitment to show up every Saturday and some weeks I did great, some weeks sold nothing. But it paid for some veggies in trade or in money made so it worked out by the end of the season. Too busy this year for it, but I'm thinking I'll do it again next year. At least the crowds are friendly and interesting :)

Lori Watts said...

Tracey - You said it. Luckily this Farmer's Market is no commitment - just show up, grab a spot, and hope for the best.
I wouldn't mind doing some trading, come to think of it.