Friday, July 4, 2014

Pottery in the Wild

One could argue that functional pottery is art which is only completed when in use. Though I usually post more formal shots of ware - gradated background, etc. - somtimes it's nice to see it in its finished form.

This little tulip-faceted dessert dish is a shape I keep coming back to: simple, pretty, such a useful bowl. In this case dessert is vanilla yogurt with strawberries and whipped cream. The cookies are wafer-thin pizzelles, snapped in half, as much for decoration as for sweetness. A cool treat for summer. If you make this dessert, my suggestion is to assemble it just before serving - the thin cookies get wet if they sit around stuck in the yogurt, and the berries weep. Still tastes as good, but doesn't look as fresh.

This is a special-occasion dessert, but I use this bowl almost daily. My breakfast version of this is ricotta cheese and berries, minus the whipped cream and cookies.

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