Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Two Buttons and Two Bars of Soap

That's what I sold at the Portland Farmer's Market today. All of which were to friends.

Things that sucked about the Farmer's Market:
        • POOR SALES. Obvs.
        •  I had to park my car more than a mile away to find a place to park. Fortunately I was able to find a nearby metered spot to unload my work, but you're only allowed to occupy the spot for two hours - that's true all over intown Portland. I feared parking in the nearby garage would cost more than I made - and I would almost have been right. So I dropped off my stuff, parked at distance and hiked back.
        • The farmers - some of them - were, how-you-say, unfriendly. I was careful to stay outside the designated farmer's market area, and not to take too much space, but some clearly felt that artists were interlopers. 
Things that did not suck about the Farmer's Market:
      • Well, hell. Sold two buttons and two bars of soap. Would have liked to do more, but it beats a sharp stick in the eye. 
      • If I had to sit around outside all day, I couldn't have asked for a better one. 
      • Saw several friends out and about in Portland, a couple of whom came just to see me; the others were folks I used to work with, then drink with, back when I lived in Portland.
      • I made a new friend! Cullen Concannon, of Silver and Stone Metalworks,
        who had her jewelry booth beside me. Cullen had sort of a slow day, too, but it seemed to get a little better toward the end. We chatted and kept each other amused during the slow parts (which is to say, all day) and Cullen was kind enough to drive me and my stuff back to my car.
      • Came home with a jar of local honey, for my next batch of soap and for homemade granola, which beats the balls off of store bought. Recipe soon! 
So, by my count there were three things that sucked but five things that did not. Let's call that a success, shall we? Not that I'll be doing that particular event again! I may try the Saturday Farmer's Market, though; everyone* says it's a better event for artists.

*by 'everyone" I mean the exactly three people with whom I have spoken about this event. All agree!


Tracey Broome said...

Oh dear.... I have been in a funk all day about this selling business. I love making stuff, just don't want to deal with selling it, can't afford to make it, can't afford to sell it. Why the hell can't artists make a living?!?! The options are so limited.....
Portland is a nice place to hang out for the day though:)

Linda Starr said...

Our farmer's market is on Tuesday evening and Saturday mornings, everyone says Saturday is much better. We also have a Trash and Treasures day on Thursday and Friday, Friday is much better but to get a good spot we have to go and set up on Thursday, last time Thursday wasn't that bad. Lots of folks asked us if we'd be back next time so sometimes it takes a few times attending to make more sales.

Newfoundout Potter said...

There is nothing worse for your self esteem than no sales - however I don't think it is your work but the timing - I can see that middle of the week would not be the best time - the working people are all either working or to busy and use the weekends to shop. I'm off to my first real craft/art show this weekend in a long time so will be keeping my fingers crossed.