Saturday, July 5, 2014

Need a Website?

Into my endless quest to patchwork an income together, I have sewn a new square. Some of you may know that I built my own website. I could have used Weebly or Wordpress or Wix, but honestly I think most of the template sites look like they were built from templates, which isn't the look I wanted, as a creative professional. I also didn't want an additional tag in the web address - .dot-wordpress or whatever - as it gives me a sense of the temporary or the dabbler.

Turns out to be not that hard to build a website, and actually quite enjoyable work. It's a satisfying feeling when the page goes live for all the world to see. Took a while, but it finally dawned on me that this is what is known as a marketable skill! One that wouldn't require me to punch a clock or sit at desk for hours: in other words I skill that would allow me to continue to be self-employed.

Have no fear; I'll still be a potter, and I'll still be a ceramic educator. This is just another patch in the quilt, another way to keep myself afloat. I won't say I'm unsinkable, but I haven't sunk yet.

If you'd like to talk about a website, give me a shout at

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