Thursday, April 4, 2013

Set of Dessert Plates

I posted  a new item in the Pottery Shop: a set of three slip-trailed dessert plates, for $95.

These defy some "set" conventions: for one thing, there are three of them, not four or eight or whatever. Also, they are close cousins rather than twins. But nevertheless the speak "set" to me. I find sets more intriguing when they seem to belong together without strictly matching.

I get more pushback about the numbers, though. Why are four or six okay numbers for set but not three or five? Somehow I always seem to come up with odd numbers. It can't be coincidence; there must be something in the labyrinthian folds of my grey matter telling me that three or five seems right.

45 hours left as of 11:45 am on the Kickstarter clock, if you'd like to pre-order teabowls, casseroles, cheesecake, or glaze books!


Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

It never fails when I make a set of four or more, someone always wants just one. Once... I had several sets of four bowls, each set a different color, but they were priced individually. The first buyer, purchased one bowl of each color, leaving me with six sets of three bowls. :-)

Lori Watts said...

That is hilarious.
Usually it was the kiln diminishing sets for me, before i gave up and just made them odd numbers. If I made four, one would have a woogie. Every time.

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