Saturday, April 27, 2013

One Out, One In

This morning Malley and I unloaded the first ^6 soda test firing, which we had fired off on Thursday. There were a lot of promising surfaces in there! Most of my pieces were teabowls, with a couple of vases and little jars in the mix; the best teabowls I will send out as Kickstarter rewards. I'll also photograph some specific pieces that I want to share slip and glaze information about - that's later. For now, here's the mass of pots:
See that nice orange oval? Liz Proffetty made that - it's a test piece, quite different from what Liz usually makes; but guess - go on, guess! - what is creating that great, brilliant red-orange on the interior.
Give up? It's a ball clay sig. One ingredient: ball clay. And it's on the inside, so we know it will turn even if it doesn't get much soda.

I am taking a break right now from loading a ^10 kiln, mine here at home. I am thinking it will fire on Wednesday. Then I am teaching a soda-firing workshop at Watershed, offered through Portland Pottery. Whole lot of firing going on!

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