Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Finished Platter

Just wanted to follow up with the finished platter from this post a few weeks ago.  I've been invited to do a guest post for Goodwill Northern New England's blog, because the silver platter which served as the mold was a Goodwill find; as are many of the items that I use for shape or texture. The post is slated to appear November 20th.

I was pleased with this piece, and will be keeping it, for alas, it was among the many items which warped during the last firing. I am putting this down to a low-grog body, and also handling the piece while it was too flexible to come off the mold. My impatience is costly! As sometimes happens, I am half-pleased to have a reason to keep this piece; it will be my holiday candy tray, for my new favorite Christmas candy: chocolate covered pretzel sticks.

The warp is minor, and I will address it with those little stick-on rubber bumps: 3 bumps equal stable footing. They do render a piece inappropriate for oven, dishwasher, or microwave, however, so this one will stay with me.
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