Sunday, November 18, 2012

Everything Went Right

How often do I get to say that? Answer: Never. But this time the glazes all seemed silky and perfectly viscous, all of my brushes were where they were supposed to be (how did that happen?) and even the minor set back - when I went to mix wadding, I found I was out of alumina - was easily corrected with a call to a friend. (Other people, I'm told, borrow cups of sugar.) I loaded without mishap - no rodent surprises (right, Diane??), no bits of door mud crumbling in, necessitating a partial unloading, no mysteriously cracked shelves. During the firing, the kiln climbed like a champ and went off an hour earlier than expected.

I did make one change: after body reduction, I stayed in a much heavier reduction right up to the end. Body reduction itself was heavier than usual, and my climbing reduction was closer to what would normally be body reduction. And it climbed faster than usual...go figure.

Unloading Tuesday...or Monday night, if I just can't wait.