Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Bisque

I meant to fire this bisque yesterday - it was all loaded, and I even candled for a few hours Wednesday night, and then I realized that there was just too much on my list - and too much of it away from home - for that to happen. I had a morning meeting of the Central Maine Clay Artists, to plan for our Holiday Pop Up Pottery Shop; more on that later. We were out of cat food and coffee, making yesterday Grocery Day by necessity; I had to ship out pots, drop off others for a friend's home show, and teach a make up class for hurricane cancellation. Though frustrating, since it delays the glaze firing by at least a day and maybe three, because of class schedules, things start to go seriously wrong when I try to do the impossible, like "being in two places at once."

I used to think if I could select for myself a superpower, I might choose being in two places at once. And then I thought: oh hell no.Because it would never be enough. The work expands to fill the time available for it, and the work is never done.

If that sounds gloomy, it's not. I find it oddly freeing, because it means that though I never get enough done, this is no failure on my part: it is simply impossible to get it all done. So the dust bunnies proliferate, the chairs I meant to repair sit still seatless, phone messages and email will go unanswered yet one more day, and it's all okay.

It's really okay.

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- Cindy - said...

You don't need a duplicate of yourself for this one- you need a computer kiln!