Monday, January 30, 2012


Unloading is like Christmas and your birthday and also like the day you find out your crush likes your sister. There were lots of great pots in the kiln. There were a couple of heartbreakers: one sushi tray I was excited to see caught a bunch of shelf flack, for example; and a platter warped badly.

Couple of notes:
  • I am done putting Oribe on the insides of things. Two otherwise-lovely casseroles will need to be re-fired because the oribe is pebbly inside. And recently a student showed me a bowl of hers that had held salsa over night, and the oribe changed color where the salsa touched! It was a different recipe (glaze, not salsa!) than what I use, and there's nothing in either that could leach out and harm someone (copper, yes; but so little of it) but it creeped me out.
  • The changes I made to my cobalt glaze, to make it better suited for soda firing! Win. Smooth and buttery, almost purple where there's less soda, glassy and deep blue where there's more. Check it out here:

About half the pots in this firing were pet urns, headed for The Cat Doctor in Portland.

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Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

That cobalt is absolutely beautiful.