Friday, January 6, 2012

A Little Help from Perfect Strangers

Isn't the Internet awesome? I mean in in the original sense of the word: the internet fills me with awe. One thing I am learning isthat anything you want to do, technology wise, somebody out there knows you or someone like you wants to do it, and wants to help.

So you know I've been rebuilding my website, right? (If you don't know, you haven't been paying attention, because I haven't stopped yammering on about it for a week now.) I got it in my head that I wanted a slideshow, but Kompozer doesn't have a slideshow function, and I haven't got the first clue how one might go about writing code for such a thing. The internet to the rescue! The first site I found was 1-2-3 Slideshow, which creates flash animation slideshows. I was a bit daunted: while these are very professional-looking bits they are a bit...slick?...for what I had in mind. Like the cleverness of the device would itself be distracting. I tried it anyway, and it's easy to use: upload the photos, and the site builds the show for you. Unfortunately my photos looks pixel-y and horrible, as though all the pots were made from tiny Legos. Or maybe that was fortunately, because I kept on looking and found This is a much simpler and more straightforward slideshow, and also easy to use: just upload up to 10 photos, and Ricocheting does the rest. There's even some code provided in the comments if you want to use more 10 images.
I'm like Goldilocks, of course: the first was too slick, this one is too artless. I'd like for the controls to look less like nuts and bolts, less alien to the rest of the page. I hate, for example, the thin black border around the table at the bottom; but my best efforts to discover how I could persuade that border to hide itself have been for naught. But, w'ev. I'll take it.

You can see the slideshow here.

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Dixie Nichols said...

Thats brilliant the pots look calm and yummy. I agree the controls look a little clunky but that emphasies how cool the pots look. I particularly like the detail shot, that feels as if I am handling the pot, really good.
Going to bookmark the making site as like you I need paste and copy html for something like that.

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